Bathroom Renovations


There’s a saying that you can always judge a restaurant by the state of its bathrooms. It could be true for our homes, as well. Bathroom renovations keep your house in functional order while adding to its value and aesthetic appeal.

When you think of renovating your bathroom, there is a lot to consider. One of the most important things, even more so than the finished look, is the behind-the-walls plumbing infrastructure. You can have the nicest floor or gorgeous wall tile, but if you’re plumbing is not good, your reno will not last.

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At Dean’s Plumbing & Heating, we do more than just the plumbing infrastructure. We’ll help you with bathroom design and selection of products, which includes everything from fixtures to paint to tile.

Not sure of how to hire finishing contractors? No worries. We have an extensive network of Winnipeg renovation professionals to help you with painting, tiling, and whatever else your bathroom reno requires.

Having been in business since 2001, we’ve renovated a lot of bathrooms. Check out our entire Gallery.

What can you expect when you hire us as your Winnipeg plumber to do your bathroom renovation?

Knowing what kind of work a Winnipeg plumbing company does before even starting on the project is a huge bonus. That’s why we always make our previous work samples available to our future customers. We truly believe that reputation is the strongest sign of a quality company. And, as a locally-owned Winnipeg business, we know that our reputation and livelihood depend on our work.

Here’s what you can expect from Dean’s Plumbing & Heating:

  • Fair and reasonable rates
  • Timely scheduling that adheres to your agenda
  • Safe workplace as your safety and our safety is the most important thing to us
  • Workmanship that is guaranteed. We know we’re good. And we’re willing to prove it by guaranteeing our work
  • Always, always, always service with a smile
  • Assistance with selecting materials, colours, and textures

Ready to consult us for your bathroom renovations?