With advances in technology, new gas furnaces should last between 15 and 20 years. Obviously, that longevity depends on the quality of your gas furnace and how well you maintained it. If your gas furnace is closing in on that age, it might be time to start thinking about installing a new gas furnace.

Dean’s Plumbing & Heating has been installing gas furnaces since 2001. We guarantee our workmanship and offer very fair pricing.

If you’re looking at a new gas furnace installation, and need to buy one, check out Manitoba Hydro’s Affordable Energy Incentives.

gas furnace installation

Gas Furnace Installation

In the event that your gas furnace is not worth repairing, we can definitely help you out by installing a new gas furnace.

We will:

  • Inspect your current heating system
  • Provide you with a written quote and details about what needs to be done
  • Assist you with selecting the right gas furnace for your needs
  • Decommission your existing gas furnace
  • Properly installing and testing your new gas furnace
  • Complete the work timely and leave the work area clean

Common problems with furnaces

There are a few common problems with furnaces that everyone should know about. We go into detail in this article on common furnace problems, but here is an excerpt.

  1. The furnace comes on again right after or soon after it turns off.
  2. Your thermostat might be working improperly, which will affect your furnace operation.
  3. The pilot light or ignition light is not coming on or staying on.
  4. The blower doesn’t turn off.
  5. Air flow is restricted .
  6. There are strange noises coming from your furnace.

How does winter affect your thermostat and furnace?

In this article about how winter could affect your thermostat and furnace, we go over seven factors that every Winnipeg homeowner should know about.

Here is a preview:

  1. Cost of turning your furnace up over 20°C (68°F).
  2. Humidity control and condensation in your windows.
  3. How your furnace filter cleanliness and regular changes affect your overall heating costs.
  4. Programming your thermostat to save money on your monthly heat bill.
  5. Performing annual check ups on your furnace and how it can save you money.
  6. Warming up your house the right way.
  7. How adding a humidifier to your home can help reduce your heating bill.

Why should you tune up your furnace for winter?

We all know how harsh Winnipeg winters can be. In this article we go over reasons as to why you should think about giving your furnace a tune up for winter.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. When it comes to furnaces and your family, safety is always number one. Having a furnace malfunction in the middle of a Winnipeg winter can be devastating, not only for your family but also for your property.
  2. Sometimes regular maintenance can affect your furnace warranty.
  3. Addressing future pending problems before they become problems.
  4. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your furnace.
  5. Ensure your furnace is providing adequate airflow.
  6. By regularly tuning your furnace, you have less chance of having it break down unexpectedly.
  7. Making sure that your furnace wiring is not compromised in any way.
  8. Keeping your furnace blower sealed properly and working.

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