Living in Winnipeg, we all know the risk of our pipes freezing during winter. Frozen pipes repair is a huge inconvenience simply because it might have been prevented. And it’s usally costly too, if your pipes burst.

When water freezes inside a pipe, it expands and blocks the pipes. The blockage will put extra pressure on your water system infrastructure and may cause water pipes in non-frozen areas to have problems.

If your frozen pipes crack or burst open, you’re looking at a costly repair. A tiny crack can unleash up to 250 gallons in a day.

frozen pipes repair prevention winter

Tips on preventing frozen pipes

  • Leave cabinet doors open where there are pipes to allow heat from the house to circulate inside the cabinets where the pipes are vulnerable
  • Open your faucet so water is trickling out overnight, but note that you may have a higher than normal water bill. Make sure to empty the water in a drain that is not at risk of freezing.
  • In areas of your home with little heat or where pipes are against outside walls, insulate the pipes with piping insulation
  • Keep your heat above 65 degrees F

What to do if you have frozen pipes

If it’s too late for prevention, and you have frozen pipes, here’s what you should do:

  • Shut off your water to reduce pressure on frozen pipes and minimize the threat of flooding should your pipes burst
  • With a blow dryer, carefully go over the pipes with the hot air to see if you can thaw the blockage (Never use an open flame!)
  • Call Dean’s Plumbing & Heating!

Frozen Pipes Repair or Prevention

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