How do you know if you need a new water heater?

Generally speaking, if your water tank is more than ten years old, it may be time to start keeping an eye on it as common water tank problems will start to arise. Over the years, sediment builds up on the bottom of the tank, which makes your water heater less effective. The sediment build up may start to affect your electricity or gas bills. If you notice high bills, this may be a sign to replace it.

Other signs you may need to replace your water heater

  • There is rust in the hot water
  • Water collects near the tank’s collection pan
  • If it’s a gas water heater and is over 6 to 8 years old
  • If it’s an electric water heater and is over 6-8 years old
water heater problems broken

How can you tell if you need to repair your water heater?

It’s possible that you might not have to replace your water heater. A repair or maintenance job might be all it needs.

  • Do you notice a lack of hot water
  • Does the hot water take longer than usual to heat up
  • Is your tank leaking
  • Is your tank making strange noises

What to do if you suspect your water heater is malfunctioning

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