There are only a few reasons why we would want to change out our existing sink for a new one. Perhaps, you just don’t like it anymore. Maybe it’s become damaged. It might be that you want to renovate and the sink you have doesn’t match with what you want to do. Whatever the reason, we’re going to give you the information you need to know how much a new sink installation will cost you.

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Sink styles

Sinks have a primary purpose and not much else. So, you might be surprised when you actually get into selecting one and come across sinks with all different kinds of features.

The style of sink you choose will have a huge influence in the final installation cost.

Here are a few sink styles you can choose:

Apron/Farmhouse Sinks

If you have a larger family, or perhaps in a situation where you need functionality over aesthetics, you might want to go with one of these sinks. They are basically a large, open rectangle with the front dropping down over the edge of the counter. They usually can jut out a bit from the corners of the countertop and require a bit more support with specialized base cabinets. Installation costs for this type of sink are typically higher than normal.

Vessel Sinks

Think of a clamshell resting on top of your counter. Vessel sinks are very distinctive and are usually more appropriate to rooms like bathrooms. One of the bonuses for these is that you can choose from a wide range of what it’s made out of, such as glass, wood, bronze, copper, limestone, pewter, ceramic, metals, and stones. Whatever the style of room it’s in, you can match it easily to the aesthetics. Consider this type of sink to be on the higher end of the price point.

Undermount Sinks

The biggest difference between this sink and a farmhouse sink, for example, is that these ones don’t have the distinctive lip. They are mounted under the countertop before being sealed with a high-strength epoxy or silicone caulk to prevent leakage.

Drop-in Sinks

These are probably your most typical and budget friendly sinks to install. They are self-described in that they easily drop into place in your countertop with the rim extending around all the edges of the sink basin.

Pedestal Sinks

With pedestal sinks, there is no countertop as they stand on their own…pedestal. With their popularity peaking in the early 1900s, they have made a bit of a comeback in popularity. While it may seem that the sink is mainly supported by its base, it’s the wall that takes on the brunt of the responsibility.

Sink Material

What your sink is made of will also play a factor into installation costs. Most of the time, material is determined by the room décor or by appliances, such as fridge, oven, etc.

Stainless Steel

This is your most common option, and probably cheapest to install. This sink matches well with other stainless steel appliances and is easy to clean. However, it may also show water spots and can be scratched.


Composite has a great feature in that the colour is constant throughout the material. However, scratches might still appear to be darker on the surface. Composite is durable and resistant to chipping.

Cast Iron

This material is probably the most durable of all. Normally, cast iron sinks are finished with a hard porcelain enamel, which makes it easier to clean and adds to its lifespan. Note, however, that the enamel may chip over time. If you do go for this material, make sure you have the proper support base installed as they are very heavy.


If you have a quartz countertop, you might want to go with a quartz sink by default. Quartz sinks are cool looking and sleek. The darker quartz colour you go, the more scratches will appear.

Solid Surface

Solid surface sinks are extremely durable with colour that goes through the entire material. Scratching won’t show very easily, but heat might take away from its lifespan. Also, you have to be careful that there are no heavy impacts that could cause cracking. These types of sinks need to be installed by a professional Winnipeg plumber, in addition to a solid surface countertop.

Other Factors for Sink Installation

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when selecting your sink:

  • If you go with a solid surface option, note that the countertop and sink are purchased together, not separately.
  • Sinks with a deep bowl, such as a farmhouse style, might seem like a good option for functionality, but remember that the extra weight might mean more support is needed. Also, if you have a bad back, this might not be a good option for you.
  • Wider than normal sinks require special base cabinetry, which means additional expenses and more extensive installation requirements.
  • Pedestal sinks might take away any precious storage space you need. For smaller bathrooms, you might need that storage space, so a pedestal sink wouldn’t be your best option.
  • Do you have young children? If so, you might want to stay away from any glass options.
  • When you’re buying your new sink, consider all the things around it, such as tile, vanity, toilet or light fixtures.

Sink Removal

The other thing you want to consider is the removal of your existing sink. Are you going to repurpose it? Perhaps you take one from a more used room and move it to a less used room (think upstairs bathroom to downstairs bathroom).

Do you want your plumber to dispose of the sink for you?

Additional Sink Features

Most sinks nowadays come with the ability to add more features. The more features you add, the more costly your sink installation will be.

These may include:

  • Installing a garbage disposal
  • Custom colors
  • Plumbing upgrades
  • Upgraded faucets/fixtures
  • Soap dispensers
  • Spray hoses
  • Drain strainers

Sink Install Cost

Looking at all the factors, your final cost will depend on what you choose. Typically, for a straightforward new sink install, you could expect between $120 and $200. For  a more complex install, expect to pay between $200 and $400.

Hiring a Winnipeg plumbing company

If you are going to outsource the installation of your new sink to a Winnipeg plumber, here are a few tips on what to look for:

  • Experience
    • How long has the plumber been in business
    • Do they have any testimonials or examples of their work
  • Accreditation
    • Are they a licensed plumber in the city of Winnipeg
  • Insurance
    • Do they have the proper insurance in case an accident happens
  • Warranty
    • Do they guarantee their work

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