Sewer and Water Lines Repair & Maintenance


If you’ve ever had a problem with your main sewer or water lines, you know how big a deal it can be. If the problem happens to be on your side of the property, look out because you could be in for a hefty repair bill. At the very least, if it’s on the city’s side, you’re looking at a timetable you can’t control and general disruption.

Sewer and water lines

Sewer lines

It’s always a good idea to think preventive measures, such as an annual sewer line cleaning. If your sewer line is jeopardized, tree roots can eventually start creeping in, causing a blockage. It’s not fun when your sewer backs up into your basement.

Fixing a broken sewer line is absolutely necessary, as it may pose a health risk to everyone in your home, especially if you have people who are more at risk health-wise.

What causes sewer lines to break?

There are a few things which could cause your sewer line to break, including:

  • Corroded cast iron pipes that then rust and break
  • Home shifting can cause ABS/PVC plastic pipes to crack or break.
  • Movements in the earth around clay pipes can cause them to crack if not installed properly
  • Water or ground pressure can cause all types of pipes to break

Water lines

Having your water affected by broken water lines is not only a major inconvenience but also potentially expensive if nothing is done to fix it.

You might know if your water line is broken if:

  • If you hear water running and all fixtures are turned off
  • You have a reduction in water pressure
  • Your water is discoloured

What causes water lines to break?

Water lines have a few main causes of breakage, which include:

  • Mineral build up
  • Ground movement
  • Freezing and thawing
  • High water pressure
  • Age deterioration

Have a broken sewer or water line?

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