Every winter, especially here in Winnipeg, hundreds of homes experience some kind of plumbing problem related to winter.

Here are some facts that you may find interesting and of value in keeping your plumbing from freezing this winter.

winter house pipes freezing facts
  1. Residential water damage has increased significantly at 37% from 2004 to 2014. The average cost per claim in 2004 was $11,709 compared to $16,070 in 2014.
  2. In the US alone, a quarter of a million houses will experience frozen and/or burst pipes.
  3. With a drop in temperature of -6° C to -15° C, pipes are more likely to freeze.
  4. Water expands approximately 10% when frozen
  5. Due to drastic changes in insulation, houses built before 1960 are the most vulnerable to pipes freezing.
  6. If you’ve done a recent basement renovation when the weather is already cold, you may have lost some heat in doing so, and as such, your pipes might be more susceptible.
  7. Pipes will not always burst when they freeze. Normally the frozen area extends along the length of the pipe.
  8. Pipes are more likely to burst if the freeze happens in a bend in the pipe, or if the pipes are older and worn

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