Most Winnipeg plumbing and heating professionals should have the skills, familiarity, and knowledge to install your new gas furnace correctly, and most importantly, safely. The entire project may encompass brazing, plumbing, electrical work, and possible framing.

Make sure you check your Winnipeg furnace installation professional is licensed and certified to install your new gas furnace. If any contractors don’t give you this information when asked, you might want to look for another.

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Winnipeg heating contractor reputation

Reputation is important. Although almost everyone will have a unique experience for every situation, the saying of the “if the shoe fits…”. It used to be, and sometimes still is, where we would ask our friends or family in person or over the phone about recommendations. Nowadays, most people go to Facebook Recommendations. There are other ways to check reputations, such as Yelp, Google, HomeStars, TrustedPros, and BBB.

Lowest price from heating contractors

The lowest price is not always the lowest price; however, sometimes our financial situations don’t allow us to select differently. But beware, because sometimes going with the lowest price means trouble later. Sometimes the lowest price doesn’t equal the best quality, whereas sometimes it can be adequate to get the job done.

Gas furnaces are long term investments, so you want to make sure that you are protected. Make sure the workmanship is guaranteed. Sometimes the lowest price doesn’t get you that.

Feedback from Winnipeg heating professionals

Any reputable Winnipeg heating professional will answer your questions in full and with sincerity. They won’t get upset at why you’re asking what you’re asking or try to cut their answers short. They will explain everything that’s involved, all the costs and work. Additionally, they will help you select the best gas furnace for your home.

Gas furnace efficiency ratings

There is something called the AFUE rating, or in other words the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. And, there is a difference between what is mandated for furnaces in Canada and the US. For example, in Canada, the minimum AFUE rating that a new furnace must have is 92%. This is mandated by the federal government.

If you see gas furnaces advertised with AFUE ratings of less than that, it might be because they are meant for US consumers, where the climate is not as harsh.

Furnaces with an AFUE of more than 92% will cost a bit more. It can anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several. You can always settle for something in the middle that has 95 to 96% efficiency and that is an Energy Star model, as that way you might qualify for rebates.

Furnace System Size

Unless you live in a cookie-cutter development, most houses are going to have different layouts. This includes insulation, ducting, materials and location. Get a furnace that’s too small, and you’ll be freezing your butt off in our minus forty Celsius Winnipeg winters. Get a furnace that’s too big, and now you’re paying more for it to run and not maintain correct temperatures.

At Dean’s Plumbing & Heating, we’ll give you suggestions based on the best size for your home and your budget.

Furnace heating stages

If you’ve read our other articles on gas furnaces, you’ll know that heat exchangers produce the heat. There are two options: single stage and two stage.

Single-stage furnaces will basically turn on and off until the set temperature is reached. Single-stage furnaces are typically older and less efficient. With two-stage furnaces, a second, stronger stage activates to get quicker results and with less effort and fuel.

Furnace blower speeds

Most gas furnaces will have a single speed blower. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can get a variable-speed blower that adapts its output to provide consistent heat with longer and less demanding cycles. Variable speed blowers use less fuel and operation is quieter.

Furnace modulating valves

There are a few furnaces out there that have a special modulating gas valve. The modulating gas valve works in tandem with the variable speed blower, providing more stable temperatures. Furnaces with these modulating valves can reach a higher AFUE, most likely around 98%. Even though they cost more, you get the return in comfort and overall energy savings.

Furnace warranty

Sometimes, gas furnaces can have two separate warranties: one for the heat exchanger, and another for everything else. The heat exchanger, which is the most important part of a furnace, should be covered for at least ten to twenty years. All the other parts only need to be included for five to ten, as they are not as expensive.

As well, make sure your Winnipeg furnace installation company provides warranty on its workmanship.

Furnace rebates

Sometimes gas furnace manufacturers will have rebate specials. Make sure you talk to your Winnipeg furnace installation contractor for any knowledge of existing rebates. Gas furnace rebates are an excellent way to save a few bucks on what is a very costly investment.

Living in Winnipeg, we have another possible rebate available to us through Manitoba Hydro. Through the Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program, you may be eligible for (taken straight from MB Hydro website):

  • High efficiency natural gas furnace for $9.50 per month for 5 years* ($570 total cost). A home renter may also qualify but the furnace cost of $9.50 per month for 5 years will be the responsibility of the landlord.
  • A $3,000 rebate* towards the purchase of a qualifying high efficiency natural gas boiler. In the case of home renters, the landlord will receive a $3,000 rebate.

*The existing furnace/boiler must be a standard efficiency natural gas furnace (60%) to qualify for the upgrade.

Winnipeg furnace installation

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