It’s that time of year again for the City of Winnipeg Fix A Leak Week, which runs from March 19 to March 25. On the city’s Water and Waste Department website, you can get tips on how to find leaks as well as what to do if you find one.

At Dean’s Plumbing & Heating, we’ve been helping Winnipeg homeowners with plumbing leaks since 2001. We know that even a small leak can add up to big dollars. Every once in a while, we all read about someone who received a $20,000 water bill that amazingly occurred over a few months. Don’t be that person. Even if you end up vindicated, the stress alone is not worth it. Be proactive in looking for leaks.

Here are a few reminders of how to spot a water leak in your home.

water leak

Water meter readings

Regularly checking your water meter readings is a good way to make sure not too much time passes between not having a leak and having a leak.

In all reality, if you have a water leak, your water meter will tell you…unless it’s broken of course.

Look for the main leaking culprits

More often than not, a plumbing leak will occur in your bathroom. Toilets are the main culprit, also known as silent leakers because a lot of times you won’t be able to hear a small leak.

What causes a toilet to leak?

Worn out flapper valves can lead to your toilet leaking, and it’s such a shame because flapper valves are relatively inexpensive and easy to fix.

Leaky faucets

Also, look at your faucets. If you have a faucet that drips water constantly or drips for a few seconds after being turned off, you might have a problem.

A lot of faucet leaks can be fixed by simply tightening the taps. However, sometimes there may be inner parts that have worn out, such as washers or cartridges.

To take water conservation one step further, you could also contact Manitoba Hydro for water-saving faucet aerators that are included in their Power Smart Water & Energy Saver Program.

Don’t waste water

It’s recommended that you look for water leaks at least every three months. You could always remember every time you receive your water bill.

Download the City of Winnipeg’s water leak brochure here.

Tips to save water

  • Look for appliances and fixtures with the Energy Star and WaterSense
  • Replace any conventional 6-liter toilets with more efficient toilets (you could save 20% more water by making the switch)

Need to fix a water leak?

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